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The head of vocational training organization explained in a discussion with the labor market: barriers to proper training for applicants for unemployment insurance

There is no doubt that much of the youth unemployment is closely linked to the lack of skill, and many experts point out the lack of skills as the biggest barrier to youth employment. The issue that has led to the removal of this vacuum in our country by establishing a vocational training organization as an informal and short-term managerial training in the sectors of industry, services and agriculture.
The importance of these trainings on the reduction of unemployment in Articles 107 and 108 of the Labor Code has also been emphasized and the Parliament has exceeded the 1976 Constitution and has enacted the law requiring the acquisition of technical and vocational training for employment, in order to Employers will apply for a professional and technical qualification from job applicants.
On the other hand, in recent years, the organization has been obliged to increase the number of unemployed people and the formation of an unemployment insurance fund to provide training in the skills needed for the labor market, as well as retraining and refreshing the skills of unemployed workers at vocational or vocational centers or training centers. The factories provide.
But despite all these assumptions, the status quo shows that the organization's facilities and budgets do not meet the needs of the community and the unemployed population, and in many cases applicants of skill courses have to stay in the long queue of state-owned technical and vocational centers.
On the other hand, free technical and vocational schools, due to the high cost of equipping workshops, can not enter many of the training courses that are also needed by the labor market, or if they are due to high educational costs, A wide range of unemployed people can not use them.
Another policy of the Ministry of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare introduces unemployment insurance applicants to technical and vocational training centers for skills that can play an important role in re-employment of unemployed people, which also earned about thirty thousand unemployed persons last year Introduced to technical and vocational training centers for skills and retraining and refresher skills.
But unfortunately, in relation to this group, in some cases, we do not see the proposed training appropriate to the education, interest and abilities of the individual.
Predict skills training tailored to the needs of the unemployed person
The topic that Suleiman Peace Seresh, Deputy Minister of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare, and the head of the vocational training organization around him told the Labor Market Reporter, "We must foresee training for the unemployed person who is skilled, job-capable, capable and The employment conditions of the community are proportionate so that a person can be re-employed.
In response to this question from our journalist, why are applicants for unemployment insurance who require skills training in some cases to be introduced to courses that have no similarity to their field of study and career? He said: Unemployment insurance applicants are introduced for skill classes, taking into account educational needs, trainers and workshops in each city, but the problem here is that we do not have all the training courses and even if we have all the courses possible There is only one person who needs special training that does not have economical training for less than 12 students.
It's clear that, in this context, applicants for vocational and vocational institutes should be introduced. However, the long interval between receiving the costs of organizing courses from the social security organization up to the holding of courses will make it impossible to buy We need a private sector service to update the social security system.
The need to update the Social Security Organization payment system
The head of vocational education and training continued: with the upgrading of the social security system, it can be planned to plan for the best qualifying course at the closest public or private workshop since the unemployed person receives career counseling. To be
The role of skills training in sending workforce
In the answer to another question from the labor market correspondent, in some cases, the Iranian workforce needs employment standards in other countries which are not taught in Iran or which do not conform to the needs of other countries. : It is a false idea that there is an educational standard across the world for training and recruitment, since each country will suit its skill assessment system appropriately.
He stated that Iran's skill classes were tailored to the ecosystem of the country's employment, but added that, in order to deploy workforce abroad, there is a need for standards that are in line with the target country, in which the technical and vocational organization to eliminate This vacuum can quickly design these standards and conduct training courses because we believe that if the work force is dispatched without employment standards to the country, the expected result will not be achieved.
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