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During the decree, Dr Pak Seresht, a consultant and associate of the parliamentary committee for vocational education and training, was appointed

During a decree by Dr. Soleiman Pakar Seresh, Deputy Minister and Head of the Organization of Technical and Vocational Training of the country, Abu Talib Jalali was appointed as a consultant and associate in the parliamentary affairs of the organization.
 The decree states:
      In view of his valuable commitment and experience in the vocational education and training organization, according to the proposal and approval of the deputy chairman of the parliamentary affairs, the law and the provinces of the ministry concerned, by virtue of this notice, it was established by maintaining the post office as the adviser and the parliamentary affairs officer. Hope to trust Allah Almighty and in coordination with me and the participation of provincial and provincial directors and constructive association with the distinguished representatives of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and specialized committees in order to achieve the goals of the organization, especially in the following cases:
- Positive, effective and constructive engagement with the Islamic Consulate.
- Planning and coordinating all parliamentary affairs; monitoring their good implementation;
- Co-ordination and co-operation with the deputy of the relevant parliamentary ministries.
- Establishing the appropriate context for using the enormous legislative capacity to meet the organization's high goals.
- Continuous presence in the Islamic Consultative Assembly and follow up of plans and bills related to skills training in relevant committees.
- Reviewing and commenting on draft drafts and bills, ratifications, regulations and
Statutes related to the field of operation of the organization and submit it to competent authorities and follow up to achieve the result.
- To review and notify the relevant laws and regulations to the relevant units and to prepare the required directives.
- Consultations with parliamentarians on possible organization challenges.
- Upgrading the senior managers of the organization to the latest news and events of the parliament.
- coordinating various activists of units under the supervision of deputies in order to maintain the coherence and integrity of parliamentary activities.
It is hoped that you will succeed and trust with your religion in fulfilling your duties
                                                                                                                                                             Suleiman Paksrarsht
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