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During the decree, Dr. Piper Seresht, the deputy director of the management development and resources of the country's vocational training organization, was

Under the decree, Dr. Sulayman Pakar Sadeh, Deputy Minister and Head of the Organization of Technical and Vocational Training of the country, Arsalan Ahari was appointed to the post of Deputy Director for Development and Management.
 The decree states:
According to the records, expertise, your commitment, you will be determined by this announcement as the "head of the deputy of management and resources development" of the country's technical and vocational training organization. Expects, based on the principle of meritocracy and coherent planning, to prioritize the following in the management of affairs related to the field of HRM of the Founding Organization:
1- Planning for implementation of legal assignments including Resistance Economics, Sixth Program of Development and Operations of Relevant Governments and Ministries' Strategies and Policies and Supporting Inclusive Employment Plans and Plans;
2. Support and support of research and educational programs as the main pillars of the organization;
3. Establishment of an evidence-based decision-making system, attracting the participation of Khodo forces and expert in that management with a merit-decent approach;
4. Realization of distributive justice and procedural rules and development of participatory management strategies and increasing job satisfaction of colleagues and identifying and removing their concerns;
5. Reforming the structure, processes, and transformation for agility and deployment of e-government in accordance with missions, goals and creating an appropriate environment for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship;
6- Needs assessment and planning to empower and enhance the level of professional and professional skill of the personnel based on the missions;
7. Planning and organizing the organization's facilities and capacities for the fair provision of welfare, creating vitality and motivation in colleagues and promoting their dignity;
8. Design and deployment of operational budgeting and financial discipline and continuous monitoring mechanism within the system;
9. Planning and efforts to increase and increase the organization's specific revenues;
10. Promote qualitative and reform the performance evaluation system in all relevant areas and use its results for continuous improvement and improvement;
11. Decentralization, reduction of ownership and establishment of strategic management in the field of financial and human resources development;
12. Effective defense of the interests of the organization in all judicial authorities and the preparation of a complete personal identification document for movable and immovable property;
I challenge my success in fulfilling the duties assigned to the honorable people of our country, in particular the partners of God's organization, from Allah Almighty.
                                                                                                                                                                           Suleiman Paksrarsht
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