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The country's vocational education and vocational training organization announced that it will conduct a skill test with more than 50,000 and 250 soldiers present

Nineteenth Nineteenth Moon; More than 50,000 and 250 duty soldiers participate in the second phase of the periodic testing of the skills of Army duty personnel this year.
According to the Public Relations Department of the Organization for Technical and Vocational Training of the country, Reza Bajjulvand, deputy director for research, planning and assessment of the organization's skills, announced that the second stage of the assessment of the skills of the personnel of the armed forces in the implementation of the memorandum signed by the Chief of Staff Armed forces will be coordinated throughout the country on the 29th of December this year.
Reza Bajjulvand said that 50,000 and 258 people were enrolled in 94 standard educational programs in the second phase of the periodic exercise of the Armed Forces personnel in 1397, and the necessary arrangements for the participation of these applicants in the test were provided.
He added that the volunteers should go to the designated areas after participating in the written test and obtaining a score based on the scheduling scheduled by the provincial authorities to participate in the practical test.
Assistant Director of Research, Planning and Measurement of Skills of the Organization of Technical and Vocational Training of the country pointed to the establishment of the National Accountability Audit Staffing Board. If applicants are faced with a problem, they can call their vocational education centers To show.
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