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Governor of Khor and Biabanak city of Isfahan: Student skills, entrepreneurship and women's domestic employment are the factor of economic prosperity of the city ...

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan Province, Ali Eshgi, Chief of Khord and Biabanak Center, said: "During the decade of Fajr and commemorating the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training on the efforts of technical and vocational schools Azad-e-Tonaz and Vahl Afarin, as well as the productions of Neghin Aqiq Shah Sassand and Gohar Kousar Jandag from the Center's students and entrepreneurs at the 40th Anniversary of Women's Achievement Exhibition.
Blaineen, governor of Khore and Bavanak, visited women's booths at the Center for Technical and Vocational Education, said that women's skills development, entrepreneurship and domestic employment are the driving force behind the city's economic prosperity.
It is worth mentioning that Hojatoleslam Mahmoodinejad, the Imam of Friday city, Salman County, members of the city council and the officials of Khor and Bavanak offices visited the booth of the Technical and Vocational Training Center.
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