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The head of the training unit in the technical and vocational training industry of Isfahan province announced that: implementation of more than 200 training courses for industries and classes of the province ...

The head of the training unit in the technical and vocational education industry of Isfahan province announced the implementation of more than 200 special education courses in Isfahan province during the first 10 months of this year.
According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan Province, Iraj Tavakoli, director of education in the General Directorate of Industries, said: "During the 10 months of this year, 903,108 people were housed in 320 training courses in the industry and Esfahan Province classes have been implemented.
He stated that these trainings in the services, industry, culture, arts and agriculture sectors in 20 disciplines such as finance and commerce, information technology, transportation, mechanics, civil engineering, facilities, handicrafts and ... and 210 professions The training provided to employees of more than 302 industrial units and classes, of which 225 thousand and 672 persons-hour in the guild sector, 613 thousand and 544 hours in the industry sector, 63 thousand and 964 hours in inter-workshops and The industrial workshop has been implemented.
Takkoli added: "The license for the establishment of four workshop centers for Chinese Zarin companies, Mobarakeh Steel Complex, Zob Ahan, China Brick, and Chemicals are being issued and in operation.
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