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In the first official period of the MTCNA Micro-Tech Technician: The International and Official Certification of Microcredit Company by IT Coaches in Isfahan Province ...

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan Province, the first official MTCNA Microeconometric Technician Course, which was held from March 24 to 26, this month, in the Department of Information and Communication Services of the Educational Center of Karaj, with 9 instructors IT was held.
In this training course, the first level of the seven levels of microfinance international certifications in the field of computer networks was held by the official lecturer and advisor of the microcompany company, following the on-line testing of this course, Misagh Pourajatsam, an IT expert from Isfahan and Hamidi Baker, the sole trainer of the technical and vocational education center of Kashan, was ranked among the top 7 people, obtained the international and official MTCNA certificate from the company Microc.
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