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Head of the Natanz Technical and Vocational Education Center said: Skills training has a significant role in reducing social problems

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Professional Education Department of Isfahan Province, the head of the Center of Natanz, Ali Torabian
In an explanation of this news, in the framework of the implementation of the memorandum of the Technical and Vocational Training Organization of the country with the Armed Forces Headquarters, a meeting was held with the presence of Hojatoleslam Walslemin Ghasemi responsible for training the Natanz detention center with the aim of reforming the clients and prisoners by means of skill training.
Referring to the role of technical and vocational training in creating sustainable employment for prisoners, Torabian added: "Skills training has a significant role in reducing social dilemmas."
Hojatoleslam Walslemin Qasemi said: "Skilled learning, in addition to training skilled and expert, strengthens the personality and attracts the attention of the prisoner's talents.
He stated that technical and vocational training would reduce the concern of prisoners to find a post-release job.
It is noteworthy that second-grade home improvement workshops and building electricians are in operation for more than 50 clients and 20 staff members and staff at the Natanz detention center.
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