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The head of Shahid Mousavian's technical training center in Kashan announced: Opening of Iran Skills Skills at Imam Reza High School

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan Province, Mahmoud Alavani, the head of the Shaheed Mousavian Center of Kashan, added: "Iran Skills Project in Imam Reza High School, with the presence of the Head, Deputies and Experts of the Kashan Education Office , The members of the Association of Professional and Professional Free Schools in the city opened.
He stated that the head of the Department of Education of Kashan aims to develop a short-term skills training (Iran Skills) project, to develop a culture of work and apprenticeship, to create a suitable field for identifying student skills, helping with academic guidance Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and the relationship between formal and informal education in the country.
At the end, IT workshops, clothing, handicrafts and food industries were visited, and the directors of technical and vocational schools presented the necessary explanations on how to implement the project.
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