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Director General of Technical and Vocational Training of Isfahan Province at the Women's Day of the General Directorate: Women's Significance in Economic, Social and Entrepreneurship ...

Report of the Public Relations Department of the General Department of Technical and Vocational Education of Isfahan province on the occasion of the birth of Hazrat Zahra (S) and the women's day in cooperation with the General Directorate and the Technical and Educational Practical Technical and Educational Center of Isfahan Celebration with the presence of Arash Akhavan, Director General of the province, Farideh Bright Head of the Social, Cultural and Sports Commission of the Islamic Council of Isfahan, Abbas Mahdian, Deputy Head of Education, Research and Planning Department, a group of officials of the headquarters and units, heads of the sisters' centers of Isfahan, experts, instructors and staff of the Department and a group of university students Applied Science was held at Shahid Beheshti Shahid Beheshti Hall in Isfahan.
In this ceremony, the Brotherhood expressed the importance of expressing and appreciating the women's day and the celebration of the New Year in regard to the quantitative and qualitative activities of the women's organizations and centers.
"This presence is both an opportunity and a threat, in this regard, the authorities should provide social grounds for women," he said, saying that women in the country are passionate about the economic, social and entrepreneurial sectors. The family is also preserved.
Arash Akhavan, saying that I am serious about employment and apprenticeship, said: "We are in the economic war today, and the best device that can save the country from these conditions is the technical and professional education that if you work with the plan and the right knowledge We will trim unemployment and other problems of the country with sanctions.
Director General of Technical and Vocational Education in Isfahan Province, pointing out that for the East of Esfahan we have put special plans on the agenda, said: Drought and consequently poverty and social damage to the East of Isfahan have become a crisis, therefore the belief I have a heartfelt heartfelt work for the East of Esfahan, replacing green jobs and changing industrial patterns.
In the following, Farideh Roshan congratulated Mylad Hazrat Zahra (S) on women's and mother's day about Islamic ideals and thoughts and loyalty of Hazrat Fatima (S) as a model of women in the world.
Pointing out the importance of the political and social role of women in today's society, particularly in the field of entrepreneurship and apprenticeship, emphasized the high presence of women in management areas, the chairman of the cultural, social and sports committee of Isfahan Islamic Council.
At the end, the selected blind participated in the first national massage contest in the country from the new Mehraban technical and vocational school.
It should be noted that other programs of this ceremony were the performance of conveyor, racing, comedy show, traditional music and welcome.
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