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Head of Technical and Vocational Education Center of Natanz, Isfahan Province, announced: Visit Natanz Central Station from this center

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Professional Education Department of Isfahan Province, the head of the Center of Natanz, Ali Torabian
In describing this news, he said: "In line with the educational needs assessment and the importance of rural, provincial and district education in Natanz, they visited the center's skills workshops.
He added that Natanz Technical and Vocational Training Center, in cooperation with the provincial district, has provided training courses for sustainable employment and economic development of villages in accordance with the needs of rural residents.
Hadadpour County Prefecture The aim of the city was to provide skilled education to rural communities by promoting rural skills, increasing rural employment, increasing the production of agricultural processed materials, encouraging villagers to set up rural industries and developing home-based businesses in villages.
He noted: "Currently agricultural activities in most rural areas are carried out in a completely traditional, non-scientific and non-technical way, we should take more effective steps by providing technical and professional training on greening jobs.
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