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The head of the Semirom technical and vocational training center announced: Inauguration of the Third Entrepreneurship Training Course

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan Province, Mohsen Dashti, the head of the Semirom Center, said: "With the help of the Development and Development Camp of the Isfahan Provincial Corps, the Hasht Behesht Diamond Investment Company, Padna County and the Technical and Vocational Education Center of Semirom Province The third period of entrepreneurship training was held in the town of Kamba, Padna district of Semirom.
He added: "In the opening ceremony of these courses, with the presence of Anvari responsible for the development and development center of the Isfahan Province Army, Alireza Ashtari, the district of Padina, Navari, the commander of the Sejm of Semirom, Amiri, the successor to the Provincial Development and Development Headquarters, Nasiri, the expert on women's affairs of the governorate of the city , Head of Nomad Affairs Department, Deputy Education Directorate of the city, Experts of Agriculture Jihad Department, Cooperative, Work and Social Welfare, Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, Mining and Commerce Industry, Dehaires of the Darana Section, and more than 500 people from villages in the Prefecture Semiram was held from the women entrepreneurs I was grateful for the grateful donation.
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