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The head of the Langean Technical and Professional Education Center announced: Inauguration of Iran Skill Plan in Shariati High School

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan Province, the chairman of the center of Langean Mohammad Khashai said: "Iran Skills Project in Shariati High School of the City with the presence of Hossein Mosalenezhad, Head of the Office of Free Schools and Public Participation in the Province, Shahmoradi Director of the Office Education of Lanjan, Janami, head of the Association of Free Schools, and a group of directors of the schools and technical and vocational schools of Lanjan opened.
In the opening ceremony of Iran's design, Hossein Mosalenezhad's skills, while outlining the goals of the plan and the role of community-based skills, emphasized the students to use this golden opportunity.
Khashabi added: "Now more than 300 students of the city are skilled in the skills of mobile phone repairs, facilities, automotive and computer industry in Iran.
Shahmoradi, director of the education department of the city, stated: Sketch of Iran Skills (short-term education) has an effective role in creating culture, educational guidance and introducing occupations to students.
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