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Head of the Office of Free Internship and Popular Participation Institutions of Isfahan Province: Dissenting Meeting of the New Executive Order on the Formation and Administration of Free Technical and Vocational Schools

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan Province, Hossein Mosalnezhad, head of the Department of Free Internship and Public Participation of the Province, said: A reflection session on explaining the new executive directive on the establishment and management of free technical and vocational schools with the presence of Seyyed Ashrafi The secretary and member of the board of directors of the country's center, Mohammad Dehghan, head of the Association of Professional Industrial Free Schools of the Province, and the representatives of the Center and the Association of Free Schools, were held at the conference hall of the General Directorate.
Initially Mosalenezhad congratulated the new year on the actions taken in relation to the new guidelines of the schools, the overlapping of the previous rules with new laws, patience and tolerance, coaching and location and equipment issues.
In the following, the secretary and the member of the board of directors of the country's central administration, specific actions of the national center, the design of Iran skills, the establishment of specialist working groups and the policy council, review, comment and approval of the new executive instruction, memorandum with the Resalat Bank, follow-up of new instructions for testing and reform The need for the organization's portal, the conclusion of a contract and a memorandum of understanding with entrepreneurship insurance and support for kidney patients and a new instruction in the implementation of the rules of the schools.
At the end, according to the necessity and importance of the issue, the founders discussed the issue of determining the amount and ....
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