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The head of Shahid Beheshti Center for Technical and Vocational Education said: Workshop on the repair of gasoline cars of grade 1 and 2

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan Province, Mirroring Head of Shahid Beheshti Center for Technical and Vocational Education in Isfahan explained: "In order to implement an educational memorandum between the Directorate General of Technical and Vocational Education in Isfahan Province and The Technical Services Association of the Style Vehicle of the Province is the first and second grade automotive training course (1st and 2nd grade petrol repair workshop).
The aim of this training course was to promote the productivity and quality of national products, improve the quality of human resources education and the highest professional skills of the graduates in the technical approval units approved by the union.
It should be noted that this training course will be held on May 4th this year at the Shahid Beheshti Center Automobile Department of Isfahan.
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