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The head of the Technical and Vocational Education Center of the city of Borkhar, Esfahan province, said: Employment of more than 120 students from the center's skills last year

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan province, Ali Chivaii, head of the center of Isfahan province, said that during the last year, a total of 425 thousand and 383 people-hours worked by the center in two sectors, governmental and non-governmental Is presented.
Referring to the growth of 12.5% of the education curriculums in the year 97 compared to the previous year, other activities of the Borkhar Center last year included the employment of 122 students at the Center, more than 35 inspections from the technical and vocational schools of the county, Equipping and training 3 workshops, establishing a specific test center and ...
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