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Governor of Fereydoun Shahr, Isfahan Province: Setting up of skill classes in the field of agriculture and tourism in the city

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan province, Naseresadi, the governor of Fereydoun Shahr met with Arash Akhavan, director general of the province.
Ezatollah Rahimi, head of the Fereydoun Shahr Center, explained that the meeting was attended by Arash Akhavan, Director General of Technical and Vocational Education in Isfahan Province, Asadi, Governor of Fereydoun Shahr, Abbas Mahdian, Deputy Head of Education, Research and Planning Department, and Seyyed Omid Tabatabaei, Director General of the General Directorate of the General Directorate Was held.
Asadi, Governor of Fereydoun Shahr, while pointing out the role of technical and vocational training in creating sustainable employment for job-seeking young people, called for the establishment of skilled trades in the field of agriculture and tourism, taking into account the potential and advantages of the region.
In the following, the Director General of Technical and Vocational Education of Isfahan Province, while describing the plans and approaches of the organization during the year called the product boom, welcomed the establishment of such centers and called for the presentation of a justification plan for the establishment of professional skills in the field of industry Agriculture and Tourism at Fereydoun Shahr Technical and Vocational Education Center.
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