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In order to be more productive than the space and equipment of the technical and professional training center for textile: Meeting of members of the Textile Desk Training Committee and the Association of Employers of Textile Industry of the province

According to the Public Relations Office of the Technical and Vocational Training of Isfahan Province, the Textile Desk Board and the Association of Employers of the Textile Industry of Iran with the participation of Eng. Chalmaghani, Secretary of the Textile Employers Association, Dr. Gol Ahmad, Secretary of the Textile Department of the country, Dr. Emami, Head of the Education Committee, Technical and vocational training of the province and the Chamber of Commerce were held as members of the Textile Training Committee at the Technical and Professional Training Center for Textile Industries.
At the beginning of the meeting, we discussed the follow-up of the previous meetings of the Textile Department of the province, including the Isfahan Clothing Shoe, the position of industrial clusters in the textile sector, the scheduling of the congress of activists in the textile and clothing industry, the decision on the location of the holding and the participants in the inspection, The readiness of the textile center was developed in cooperation with the industry in the form of a center or some part of it for teaching production.
It should be noted that the approval of this meeting can be made to declare the readiness of the textile technical and vocational training center of the province to cooperate by transferring the center's space to the non-governmental sector in order to make more efficient use of space and equipment of the center and to explain the position of industrial clusters by industry experts. cited.
It should be noted that after the end of the meeting, the visitor visited the workshops of the textile center.
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