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In order to implement production-driven training: The Director General of Technical and Vocational Education at Isfahan Province visited the Tiva Industrial Group's clothing factory

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan province, Arash Akhavan, director general of the province, and Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, head of the textile center, visited the clothing factory of the Tyva Industrial Group located in Jay Industrial Park.
Initially, Mokhaty, the director of the Tivo Group of Industrialists, while presenting a report on the plant's activities, added: "We have been able to provide 200 employees of the garment industry with the use of up-to-date technology and technology, and the use of the young executive team."
Director General of Technical and Vocational Training of the province also visited various departments of the clothing factory of the Tivo Group on the cooperation in the field of training various professions design and sewing, the possibility of transferring space in the department of the general according to the rules and regulations, as well as the implementation of training on production The axis of announcement is ready.
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