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Head of the Department of Free Training and Participation in Isfahan Province: Meeting with experts and officials of free institutes of vocational training centers of the province

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan Province, Hossein Mosalenezhad, head of the Office of Free Internship and Public Participation of the Provincial Government, convened a joint meeting of the Chairperson and experts of the Office of Free Internship and Public Participation of the Provinces with the experts and authorities of the centers of the Free Schools Technical and vocational education of Isfahan Province and Mohammad Dehghani, head of the Association of Professional and Technical Schools of the province.
He stated that the meeting was held with the aim of co-operation and discussion about changes in the rules and regulations of the Regulations of the Establishment and Administration of Free Technical and Technical Schools approved in 1397 by the provincial supervisory board at the Textile Center.
Mosalenejad added that the rules and regulations for free technical and vocational schools were discussed in this chapter.
It should be noted that in the end, in order to create a unified procedure for the implementation of the executive instruction, the questions raised by the experts were answered.
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