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The head of the technical and vocational education center of the city of Tiran and Khoroun province of Isfahan province said: Conduct a meeting of the Steering Council of the Center for the Management of Skills and Career Advice

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan Province, Morteza Mohammadi, the head of the Center of Tiran and Crown, explained: "The meeting of the Steering Council of the Center for Management Skills Training and Job Consultation with the presence of all members at the Azad University of Tiran and Krone Branch It turned out
He stated: "Approvals of this meeting can be based on the educational needs based on the job opportunities needed in the region, the cooperation and participation of the two sets of education, the use of the capacity of free technical and vocational schools in the city for the teaching of students, and ... point Made
Mohammadi referred to the launch of a Center for Management Skills and Career Advice at the University as an effective step in the employment of university students and graduates.
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