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Friday Imam Mobarakeh city of Isfahan province: Junior degreeism is one of the great problems of today's society

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan Province, Asghar Iranpour and Parvaneh Ahmadi, the heads of the centers of Mobarakeh's brothers and sisters met with Hojjatoleslam Vulmeslemian, Seyyed Mehdi Mousavi, Imam Jumah, in his office.
In this meeting, Asghar Iranpour, while explaining the status of technical and professional training, presented a report on the performance of the center in the governmental and non-governmental sectors last year.
Iranpour has nominated the Technical and Vocational Training Organization as the sole provider of informal education in the country, adding that one of the main goals of this organization is to achieve sustainable and early employment.
In the following, Parvaneh Ahmadi reported on the performance of the Center for Sisters in the public sector, interacting with the Basij University of the University, providing education to welfare beneficiaries, charity centers, Amiralmomenin girls' boarding charity, and in 1397.
Hojjatoleslam and Mousavi Moussavi called the activities of technical and vocational training centers for the promotion of youth in various promising fields and considered youth-based degrees as one of the great problems of today's society.
He added that the acquisition of technical and vocational training is essential for sustainable employment, given the unemployment problem of the community.
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