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The head of the technical and vocational education center of Mobarakeh, Isfahan province, said: Opening of Iran Skill Skills at Amir Kabir High School

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan Province, Asghar Iranpour, the head of the Mobarakeh Center, said: "On the eve of the week, the teacher praised the idea of ​​training short-term skills training (Iran Skills) at Amir Kabir High School in cooperation with the technical school Free Bostan Professional in animation with Adobe Animate software, with the presence of Bagheri, the head of Mobarakeh Education Department, Mokhtari, the Education Deputy of the city, and Gholami, the founder of Bostan Technical and Vocational School, and the representative of the Association of City Guilds.
Bagheri, head of the Mobarakeh Educational Directorate, aims to develop the skills of the Iranian plan to develop a culture of work and skills, to create a suitable field for identifying student skills, helping to guide education, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and the relationship between education. Formal and informal country.
In addition, Iranpour provided some articles on improving the skills of the Iran project, identifying the capacities and potential of the technical and vocational schools in the city, and directing students to choose their field of interest.
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