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Governor of Lanjan City Visiting Trade Show Week: Encouraging women to set up jobs and home-based products to promote entrepreneurship culture

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan Province, a weekly coordinated student and student visit that coincided with the week of business from the second to the 11th of May this year, with the aim of introducing occupations, home business, handicrafts and food industries The works and achievements of the students of the technical and vocational education center of Lenjan sisters were held with the presence of Khammarad Salehi, the head of the governorate, Mohammad Khashahi and Mehri Sedighi, the heads of the centers of the brothers and sisters of Lanjan, and the officials of the city administrations.
The governor of Lenjan, on the sidelines of the opening of the exhibition, stated: "The establishment of such exhibitions with the aim of promoting the culture of entrepreneurship in the country's economic environment can encourage women to set up jobs and home-made products.
He added that job seekers can use specialized training facilities at technical and vocational training centers to provide government support for home-based careers.
Salehi said: "Unfortunately, today's youth are unemployed without any skills, and this will be impossible.
He described this exhibition as an effective step in introducing the capabilities of ladies in the city of Lenjan, as well as the achievement of the slogan of the year, "the product boom."
It is worth mentioning that the exhibition is open to the public from 9 to 19 May this year in paintings, pugas, leather textiles and food industries at the center of the city of Lenjan Deir.
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