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Head of the Technical and Vocational Education Center of Lenjan Province, Isfahan Province, reported: Visiting the city prison director from the center's workshops

According to the Public Relations Department of the Department of Technical and Vocational Education in Isfahan province, the head of the Langean Brothers Center, Mohammad Khashai, explained: "At the same time as a weekly visit to technical and vocational education centers, Abdolrasoul Salimian, Zarrineh Shahr Prison Directorate, The technical and professional background of the Sisters and Brothers of Zarr City, as well as the show of achievements of students in the center of the sisters.
In a meeting with the authorities of the city's prison, with the aim of pathology of last year's educational programs, in order to develop quantitative and qualitative skills training, Salimian was awarded with the honorary credentials of Isfahan Prison Director General by the efforts of Mohammad Khashai, head of the Center for Technical and Vocational Education The city and instructors active in the area of ​​apprenticeship in prison.
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