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With the aim of training and upgrading the technical knowledge of the human resources needed by the industry: Creating a Center for Management Skills Training and Job Consultation at Raghib Isfahani University

According to the Public Relations Department of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of Isfahan province, in order to participate and cooperate with social and skill partners in the field of skills development with the goal of training, preparing and upgrading the technical knowledge of human resources needed by factories and industries, meeting with attendance Abbas Mahdian Deputy Director of Education, Research and Planning of the Directorate, Zahra Bahrami, Head of the Dehno Center, Beheshti Director of Planning and Public Relations of Ragheb Isfahani University, Haghighat Nezhad, member of the Combustion Society of Iran, and Managing Director of Knowledge Base Pars Farand & Beheshti, Corporate Training Manager Pars Process was held at the Office of the Vice-Chancellor of Education.
During this meeting, in exchange for developing, promoting and promoting the knowledge and technology of combustion systems, quantitative and qualitative development of special forces and improving the educational and research affairs, how to cooperate with the executive, scientific, research, industrial and related institutions With the knowledge of combustion, equipping specialized workshops for training qualified workforce with consulting and collaboration of Pars Faridand Co., co-operation in developing and developing required educational standards, how to set the draft text in the direction of concluding a memorandum with Ragheb Isfahani University, establishing a skill management center Education and career counseling at the university Be brief.
At the end of the meeting, the attendees at the meeting visited the Shahid Rajaee Center for Thermal Installations, solar energy workshops, and ecotronics, the gas repair package repairer at the Technical and Vocational Training Center for New and Strategic Technologies in Isfahan.
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