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In order to expand the technical knowledge and use the capacities of the parties to train the specialized workforce, a memorandum of understanding was concluded between the General Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education of Isfahan Province and

Arash Akhwan Tabasi, the general manager of the province, the goals of this memorandum of understanding are to teach and promote the use of technology in the field of agriculture and transformation industries, to teach fodder cultivation by hydroponic method with 95% saving in water resources, our systematic and institutional cooperation between the parties of the memorandum. In order to plan and implement general and specialized skill training courses needed by job seekers and employees in order to improve the level of employees' capabilities, protect human resources, maintain jobs in accordance with the standards and regulations of the General Administration, implement the dual training plan (combining training in The environment of the educational workshops of the General Administration and training in the company's workshop environment using the capacity of skill training instructions in the real work environment), granting inter-workshop training license to the company, etc.
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