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The General Director of Technical and Vocational Education of Isfahan Province honored the glory of resistance and honoring the freedom fighters during the holy defense era of the Provincial General Administration.

According to the public relations report of the General Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education of Isfahan province, at the same time as the 26th of August, the anniversary of the return of the freedmen of the holy defense to the Islamic homeland, Arash Akhwan Tabasi, the general director of technical and vocational education of the province, Mohammad Reza Moslehi, responsible for the affairs of the provincial centers, and a group of officials The General Administration and the freedmen of the Holy Defense of the General Administration attended the online webinar meeting that was held with the officials of the country's Technical and Vocational Education Organization.
The Director General of Technical and Vocational Education of Isfahan province honored Farzad Wafamand, Mehdi Timuri, Baqir Ali Ashraf, Behnam Hakimi, Hossein Nawab and the family of the late Abbas Bagholi as the proud freedmen of the Holy Defense era by presenting a plaque of gratitude.
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