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The message of the Director General of Technical and Vocational Education of Isfahan Province on the occasion of celebrating Government Week 1401

in the name of God
The 2nd to the 8th of Shahrivar month, which is decorated with the name of the state in the Iranian Islamic calendar, is a reminder of the mujahidin efforts of the great teachers of faith and practice, the martyrs of Rajaei and Bahonar, and is a lasting symbol of the manifestation of the unity of the nation and the state in the path of progress and glory in the proud history of the glorious revolution of Iran. Islam, whose effects are always ongoing.
The government week is decorated with the names of two great martyrs, Rajaee and Bahonar, whose modesty was one of their most obvious personal morals, which is a sign of unity between the people and the Islamic government, to ensure the pride and progress of our beloved country, Iran.
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